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Mellon Graduate Teaching Seminar for Excellence in the Humanities:

UVa graduate student participants:

1) Will gain enhanced cross-disciplinary pedagogical preparation in humanities and humanistic social sciences.

2) Will discuss and compare methods for teaching writing to undergraduates across the curriculum.

3) Will expand their abilities to connect approaches across the humanities and to converse with others in different disciplines.

4) Will enhance their competitiveness on the academic job market with their demonstrated proficiency in these key areas.

5) Current faculty, graduate students, and alumni of this program will create productive bonds across and beyond grounds through engaged and ongoing interdisciplinary work.

Students who complete the program will receive a $500 research/travel fund.

The group will begin with a retreat at the beginning of the semester and then meet eight times during the year. Times and dates will be announced in August.

How to apply:

Applicants must be in their fourth or fifth year of graduate study.

Students must submit: 
  1. A reflective statement on what skills and expertise the student brings to the seminar and what he/she intends to gain from it (1000 word limit)
  2. Unofficial transcript
  3. Curriculum vitae

All materials must be submitted electronically to Ms. Jen Kreitzman (jjk8f@virginia.edu) by August 8, 2014.